X-Spect Medical Physics Services
About X-Spect Limited
We provide Medical Physics services for Irish Dental, GP and Veterinary practices, Private Hospitals and educational establishments. The service includes the testing / commissioning of Dental X-ray equipment, DEXA scanners, and Medical X-ray equipment, in compliance with the conditions of licence from the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland. RPA services are also provided for Industrial Radiography.
  • Welcome to the X-Spect Medical Physics Website

    The website is a valuable resource for private Dental & GP practices, private hospitals, Veterinary practices or educational establishments who use irradiating apparatus (X-ray), or who would like to provide diagnostic X-ray services. As well as describing the RPA services provided by X-Spect limited, the site includes details on the legislative provisions and licensing requirements associated with the use of diagnostic x-ray equipment in the Republic of Ireland. The site also has a developing section providing resources on X-ray equipment, as well as a list of convenient links which are of relevance to dental and medical radiography, as well as bone mineral densitometry (DEXA Scanning).
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