X-Spect Medical Physics Services
We provide Medical Physics services for Irish Dental & GP practices, Private Hospitals, Veterinary Practices, Educational Establishments, and Industrial users of Ionising Radiation Sources. All work is supervised by a registered Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA).
Services Provided
  • To act as RPA for the practice/facility as required under EPA licence conditions.

  • Testing/Commissioning of licensed x-ray equipment.

  • Performance of Risk/Shielding Assessments as required by the EPA.

  • Drafting, or advice on updating, of Radiation Safety Procedures.

  • Advice on suitability of premises or proposed equipment prior to licensing.

  • Advice on patient and staff dosimetry and dose optimisation.

  • To act as appointed Medical Physicist where required under the European Communities Medical Ionising Radiation Protection Regulations (S.I. No. 478 of 2002).

  • Provision of general advice on licensing, compliance with national and European radiation safety legislation, and any other radiation safety regulations which may be introduced by the Department of Health & Children, the Medical or Dental Councils, or the Health Service Executive.
Additional Services

Pre-Construction Advice & Other Advice: Pre-Construction or Pre-installation advice is provided on structural shielding and layout. We will liaise with your architect or builder to ensure the best possible design to optimise staff and public radiation safety. This can avoid costly reparative work where any structural issues or non-compliances are identified during a post-installation risk assessment. The risk assessment can be conducted prior to construction, based on architectural drawings and information from the client. This service will normally be included in the overall RPA service. However, if you require this advice (or any other radiation safety advice) but do not wish to commit to appointing us as your RPA at this stage, please contact us for a quote at info@xspect.ie, or complete the quotation enquiry form.